General information

About us. The Colombian Political Science Association, ACCPOL, is a national scientific organization of private nature, whose members are institutions and academic organizations, academics, researchers, and professionals of Political Science. Its mission is to promulgate and promote —openly, pluralistically, and democratically— Political Science in Colombia as an autonomous and professional discipline through the encouragement, support, and diffusion of academic research and activities.

Our goals. Further the construction of the academic community, and the enrichment of the quality and rigor of studies and research carried out in the disciplinary field by political science faculties, departments, researchers and programs in the country.

Promote the academic development of Political Science professionals using a responsible and rigorous approach that generates confidence in the labour and contributions that Colombian political scientists can make in their professional practice.

Our membership options. Membership allows us to define our members as associates with a sense of belonging and commitment to strengthening the Colombian Political Science Association. We establish the following categories of membership: 

Founding Collective Members: The universities that participated in the constitution of ACCPOL, those who, agreeing with the purposes that give rise to the Association, sign the association’s constitutional act. 

Associate Collective Members: Universities with Political Science and related programs with a qualified registry that request their affiliation and are duly accepted by the Board of Directors.

Individual Members: (a) Political scientists, with an undergraduate degree, issued by recognized institutions in the country or abroad; (b) People with a master’s degree and / or doctorate in Political Science or Political Studies, awarded by accredited institutions in the country or abroad; or (c) Other professionals in the social sciences and humanities with an academic or research career in the area of Political Science or in fields related to Political Science in accordance with the scientific fields defined internationally by the International Political Science Association, IPSA, and UNESCO.

  • The membership fee for institutions is of COP 2’500,000 (or the equivalent of 700 US dollars).
  • Individual membership, with its fee, is in the process of being revaluated.

Past events

For all our past events, with links to their sites, you can click here.

Contact data

Our Board of Directors 

Presidency. Juan Carlos Gómez. Universidad ICESI. Email: presidencia@accpol.org / jcgomez@icesi.edu.co

Vice presidency. Víctor Mijares. Universidad de los Andes. Email: vm.mijares@uniandes.edu.co

Secretary. Fabio B. Sánchez. Universidad Sergio Arboleda. Email: fabio.sanchez@usa.edu.co

Treasury. Angélica Bernal. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Email: tesoreria@accpol.org / angelicaf.bernalo@utadeo.edu.co

Vocal member. Vanessa Quintero. Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia. Email: angie.quintero@unad.edu.co

Vocal member. Angélica Rodríguez. Universidad del Norte. Email: angrodriguez@uninorte.edu.co

Vocal member. Jaime Fajardo. Representative of individual members. Email: jfajardo@unicauca.edu.co

Other contact information